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Dirty Air

dirty air condition heating ventsWhen the sun is shining through the window what do you generally see floating through the air?  This is the best way to describe hazard level one “dirty air”.  There are multiple products that clean dirty air that will reduce the health effects.  Filtration or air cleaners can be added to your heating and cooling system to greatly reduce the amount of dirty air circulating in your home.  If upon visual inspection of the duct system there are contaminates that fall under hazard level one, source removal (duct cleaning) when done by a qualified contractor can significantly reduce the amount of dirty air in your home.


Dirty Air, Sick Air, and Toxic Air are the 3 Hazard Levels that affect you and your family’s health.

The chart below shows the CAUSES of the HEALTH EFFECTS and the SOLUTIONS available from Vital Air Solutions for fresher, cleaner, healthier air.

dirty air health effects hazardsick air health hazardstoxic air hazards from household chemicals