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Sick Air

sick air causes sneezingIn your family a child catches a cold at daycare or school.  When they come home what do they bring with them?  This is the best way to describe sick air.  The way to reduce sick air in the home is with Ultra Violet Lights and with humidification.   Do you remember in science class growing things in petri dishes?  You may have even put UVC Lamps over the dish and came back the next day to see that everything was dead.  This is how UVC Lamps work.  The challenge with using UVC to kill or mold hazards petri dishsterilize germs, bacteria and viruses in the duct stream is the speed in which the air is moving.  Go back to science class and imagine throwing a gunk filled petri dish under a UVC lamp like a Frisbee…..How much do you think the UVC lamp would kill then?  Not much if anything.  In an HVAC system it takes a lamp with very high output to be effective against sick air.  Most UVC lamps on the market have much less wattage than is required to create a significant kill zone for bacteria, mold and viruses.  This is why Vital Air Solutions exists, to test all of the products for improving indoor air quality and determining which products produce effective results.   See About Us.

Indoor air that is too humid or not humid enough can also affect our health.  Optimal humidity levels are for safe indoor comforts are about 45%.  This is best controlled in the dry winter months with a properly sized and installed humidifier.


Dirty Air, Sick Air, and Toxic Air are the 3 Hazard Levels that affect you and your family’s health.

The chart below shows the CAUSES of the HEALTH EFFECTS and the SOLUTIONS available from Vital Air Solutions for fresher, cleaner, healthier air.

dirty air health effects hazardsick air health hazardstoxic air hazards from household chemicals